Business September 21, 2020

Finding The Decision Maker To Cold Email

You have a GREAT offer and you send it directly to the decision maker and if they’re interested they respond. Simple, easy and efficient but after coaching over a 100+ agencies, we’ve noticed a couple reasons why their cold emails never work. 


Your copy should change depending on market awareness and market sophistication. 


  1. If your market hasn’t heard your claim then lead with the claim and people will buy
  2. If the market has heard your claim, still believes it and wants it then you make the claim better, expand on it and bring it to its limit
  3. If the market no longer believes the claim, you focus on a new vehicle that delivered the result of the claim
  4. If the market is aware of the vehicle, you expand and refine it. (cheaper, better, faster)
  5. If the market see the claim as a commodity then you focus on branding and identity


For an example: When we first started in 2020, we were emailing other marketing agencies offering to help them get more booked appointments through cold email. What we didn’t understand was that the market has heard this claim and still wants it, but we need to refind the offer to give them the additional push. So then we took our claim and made it better, we started offering 20 guaranteed appointments or a complete refund. This gave the agencies the extra push to want to work with us.


Your emails should never go to the general inbox. Many of the agencies we have worked with had a tendency to just send their cold emails to the general inbox. That is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Either your message isn’t going to get opened or it will be opened/managed by a front desk assistant. 


So how do you find the decision maker? It’s simple and easy. Do a domain lookup. A domain lookup means that it will scan the domain to find any emails attached to that domain. 


We use to load their domain lookup tool with domains generated from our software and allow it to verify and find all emails associated with a particular domain.


From there it’s simple, you can do a quick google search of the company to find the first name of the decision maker and then you can just match the name with one of the emails pulled from the domain


Now when you send emails, it’s going straight to the decision maker and if you have a great offer, it will be impossible not to get a good response. 


If this was confusing, here’s a free email course that goes in depth to show you how we find the decision makers.