Business October 13, 2020

How To Fill Your Calendar With 15-20 Sales Appointments Every Single Week


When starting a business, most can’t afford to have SDRs, AEs, or sales engineers. They have to keep the prospecting/sales team very small and cost efficient. 


That’s exactly what we had to do at ElevAAte Leads when we first started and it was extremely hard to get demos/appointments set up but once we figured out this super simple trick, we went from $3k/m to $17k/m in less than a month.


If you don’t already know, we do appointment setting for other businesses through cold email using our lead generation software.


So here’s what we were doing at $3k/m that wasn’t allowing us to grow and that we see many other businesses do.


Sending Thousands of Templated Outreach Messages A Day

Many people love to set up automations to send out thousands of emails every single day. It’s simple, easy and doesn’t require much work. 


That’s exactly why this method doesn’t work. The average person sees a thousand ads every single day, so what makes you think that your templated automated message is going to convert that cold traffic into a paying client?  


We would download a list of thousands of prospects using our software and send them all the same templated script.


When you send thousands of emails you also risk getting your domain blacklisted which ruins your deliverability and forces you to start from scratch. 


Our response rate was below 2% and we were only getting 1-2 meetings a week. A majority of our business was coming from organic channels in Facebook groups. 


After three months of seeing little to none success with our cold email strategy we took a break to rethink our strategy. 


What Changed

We started from the very beginning and started talking with network engineers so we can really understand the mechanics behind emails so we can perfect our deliverability. This led us to learning the ins and outs of the DNS.


To sum it all up and make it very simple for you

  1. You need to take proper time and care to warm your email account up
  2. You need to properly install the MX Records, DKIM Signing, DMARC and SPF Validation


Sounds complicated but we show you step by step on how to do it the easy way in our free course.

Once we had that set up, we analyzed over 6,000 cold emails to truly find out what makes a cold email get results


We found out that the entire email needs to be extremely direct, personalized, have a great offer, build trust and be read in less than 5 seconds. 


So we did exactly that. We started personalizing every email to our prospects, we kept our offer super short, included a one sentence case study and put our full signature so they could research us if needed.


This process took forever since we were personalizing our emails one by one but our response rate jumped through the roof. We were sending less emails, but our response rate was averaging around 13% which was 11% higher than before.


We started consistently booking 5-10 demos every single week, but now we wanted to learn how to perfect this and get 15-20 demos every single week.


So now we started studying how sales teams worked for other massive SaaS companies. They would have the 10-15 SDR’s find prospects, write personalized emails to book demos for their AE. The AE would take the demo and hopefully turn the prospect into a paying client and if the prospect had any technical questions they would pass the prospect to the sales engineer. They were doing what we were doing but on scale since they had a larger team they were hammering the market with more personalized emails.


So we started thinking how we could take a similar approach without hiring an entire sales team. We knew that we nailed our offer and had a product market fit, but now the question is how can we get our message to be personalized and hit more more inboxes?


Then a lightbulb went off. What if we outsourced the personalization to virtual assistants. The virtual assistant could focus on writing the personalized messages and we would use mail merge features to combine the personalized line with our email copy and be able to send 100+ emails daily. Think about it, we’re hitting more prospects with personalized messages. (Personalization = higher response rate) + (More emails = more of a reach) = A Full Calendar


So we hired 2 VAs that would use ElevAAte Leads to find prospects and write 2-3 sentence complements that were personalized lines specific to the prospect. Immediately we went from taking 5-10 demos every week to easily setting up 15-20 demos every single week. 


After a week of having a full calendar we noticed that even though our response rate was anywhere from 13-15%, we were still missing out on the other 85% of prospects so we created the OMNI channel approach.


Our system was all about tweaking so we did numerous things. 


We noticed that a lot of our prospects were actually searching up the secondary domain so we created a super simple landing page that had a VSL and case studies of our previous work. Now they were getting warmed up and knew more about us before we got on an actual demo. This increased our closing by almost 6%.


We didn’t just let email be our only outreach to them. We would find them on linkedin to send connection requests and look to continue the conversation there.


If our linkedin approach didn’t work, we would submit a contact form on their website to see if we could get connected. 


If they still haven’t responded then we would have our VAs do a warm call to see if they could set up a quick appointment. 


We were either looking for a YES or a NO from our prospects but never a zero response. Adapting to this system took us from $3k/m to $17k/m and we were completely dialing in to refine this process and make it more smooth.


If any of this was confusing, we have an entire free email course that goes in depth with our process that you can check out here.